About Us

Why "Coco Potato"?

At first glance, "Coco Potato" might evoke a sense of curiosity and whimsy. This is precisely the essence we wanted to capture for our brand – a blend of earthiness and warmth, mixed with an unexpected touch of delight.

Coco: The Essence of Nature and Nourishment "Coco" resonates with the natural and nurturing aspect of our brand. Just as the coconut is a source of nourishment and life, our crystal products aim to nourish the soul and infuse life into your daily routines. Coconuts are known for their resilience, versatility, and healing properties – attributes that we believe are mirrored in the crystals we carefully select for our products.

Potato: Grounded in the Earth, Rich in Potential "Potato," a humble yet incredibly versatile root, symbolizes our grounding in the earth – the source of our crystals' power. Potatoes grow in a variety of conditions, adapting and thriving, much like how we encourage our community to adapt and grow through their spiritual and mental wellness journeys. The potato, often unseen as it grows underground, holds a world of potential within – a beautiful metaphor for the hidden potential within each of us, waiting to be uncovered through mindfulness and self-care.

Coco Potato: A Blend of Earth and Spirit Together, "Coco Potato" represents our commitment to products that are deeply connected to the earth and the human spirit. Our brand is a reminder that from the most unassuming places can come the most profound beauty and healing. It's a nod to the simplicity and depth of nature's gifts, and an invitation to explore the unexpected pathways to personal growth and harmony.

In every crystal bracelet, decor, necklace, bottle, and box, you'll find the spirit of "Coco Potato" – a brand that celebrates the quirky, the grounded, the nourishing, and the transformative journey towards inner peace and wellness.

Welcome to Coco Potato – where the magic of the earth meets the resilience of the spirit.