What Should I NOT Say When Another Mom Tells Me She's Going though Sex Drought?

It's important to be supportive and understanding when someone is going through a difficult time, especially when it comes to a topic as personal as a sexual drought. Here are some things to avoid saying to a mom who is experiencing a sex drought:

  1. "Just relax and it will happen naturally" - This can be dismissive and minimize the individual's concerns and struggles.

  2. "You're just not attractive anymore" - Making negative comments about someone's appearance is never appropriate and can be hurtful.

  3. "Have you tried X, Y, Z?" - Offering unsolicited advice can come across as judgmental and assume that the individual hasn't already tried various solutions.

  4. "It's not that big of a deal" - A sexual drought can be a significant source of stress and anxiety for some individuals, and downplaying their concerns is not supportive.

  5. "Just have sex, it will fix everything" - This oversimplifies the issue and may not address any underlying psychological, emotional, or relationship issues that may be contributing to the sexual drought.

Instead of saying these things, try offering a listening ear and showing empathy. Ask the individual what they need and offer support in a non-judgmental and understanding way. Remember that everyone's experiences are unique and valid, and a sexual drought can be a difficult and sensitive topic for many individuals.

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